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seconds after the earthquake all over central maryland, residents shared their experiences. heather wrote that she lived in elk grove and there was a loud sound. the earthquake woke others of. one woman wondered what kind of plane was taking off at the airport to shake us like that and then i realized that there was no claim. >> if you felt the earthquake, we would like to hear from you. >> ross sewage backups have frustrated a woman and she wonders if work crews caused the problem. that is where we find barry simms with more on the story. >> the sewage backup upset this woman, but who is responsible and who will pay for the cleanup? with help from her neighbors and family, sandra german is cleaning up the upper will sewage flowed into her home. >> i have had 70-year-old neighbors and my family down here and we have been bailing sewage out by the buckets. >> she believes the problem started after the county work on a sioux which lie outside her home. >> of this started to sink and the front yard sank. >> the switch line ran over the sewage cleanup cap on her property. >> there was a very
care and will be in the custody of maryland social services. >> baltimore county police need your help tonight in finding a rape suspect. police think the same man has committed the same sphere -- this series of sexual assaults and robberies since june. early saturday morning, he was somehow able to get in a home and tried to rape a woman on franklin avenue. anyone with information is urged to call baltimore county police. >> baltimore city police have arrested for juveniles accused in a rash of robberies on at the light rail which had riders on edge. >> police say the four juveniles ages 14-17 have been terrorizing passengers aboard the light rail station -- at the light rail station since may, as leader robberies'. but tonight, thanks to community involvement, all four are in jail. >> there are difference m.o's for these kids. it would walk to the light rail stop, they will also ride the trains and target victims from there. >> police from baltimore city, the county, and m.t.a. announced the arrest of four boys from the cherry hill area after several months of brazen attacks on passe
of the national urban league and a university of maryland professor were also honored. meanwhile, the maryland and first lady lead a domestic violence convention meeting in downtown baltimore. they discussed ways that states can solve problems regarding firearms, which often escalate domestic situations into debt situations. the first lady is particularly passionate about this issue after working as a state prosecutor. >> i see the horror in these cases and the sadness too that it affects the entire family. often this of violence occurs in front of children. >> they are working on increasing firearms safety, but also unfair treatment of domestic violence victims by the courts. >> the fda kicked off a two day meeting today, reviewing the safety of the diabetes drug avandia. there may be a risk of heart attack linked to the drug and it could be pulled from the market. we have the latest. >> this is not typical for an fda commissioner to address an advisory committee. >> the food and drug administration headpin's and typical head's appearance shows the seriousness of this meeting. the diabetes dr
if there was a return date on the airline ticket mary purchased for a trip from florida to maryland. they also want to know about any aberration on the number of calls she made to the family home and wanted to know what degree ronald kuntz had in psychology. twice, and jurors in the mary kuntz murder trial in sent questions to the judge. the 60-year-old woman is charged with the june 2009 murder of her estranged husband and the attempted murder of the couple's daughter, kelsey. 66-year-old ronald kuntz was shut -- was shot multiple times at his home. jurors asked for detailed definition of what they call conscious intent. the judge said out of an abundance of caution he gave them the definition of proof of intent. -jurors ask who pays for her psychiatric care if she goes to a mental institution. >> the defense objected to the proof of intent instruction by the judge, saying it was not clear exactly where the jury was in its deliberations. barry simms, wbal-tv 11 news. >> police have identified a man whose body was found outside of northwest baltimore home. a concerned resident called police after f
iii of annapolis, a registered violent sex offender in maryland. and his involvement with four young teenagers girls. he had developed a relationship with one of the girls on myspace. on july 7, mace and arrange to pick up the girl and three of her friends in dundalk. police say he then drove the girl's back to this home in the 1500 block of st. margaret's road in annapolis were you dropped off three of the girls and took the fourth, a 13-year- old, arrau -- out to get some food. police say he had sex with the girl in his car and then at the home when they got back. one of girls got scared and texted her parents. >> she subsequently began text messaging a family member. that family member immediately contacted baltimore county police. >> friday, 11 news went to the home which is not mason's residents to find out more. police say to acquaintances of his were there at the time but were not arrested. >> my name is lowell melser work with wbal-tv in baltimore. i just want to know if you could comment -- >> no answers there. we receive the same treatment at another residence. >> we unders
conference is performance evaluations. how does this ideas it with administrators? it is called the maryland principles academy -- two days of trading designed to help new principles build leadership skills. they also get to share what they have in common, which was the case for these two principles. >> what battles do you tackle first? that's something i would like to ask. >> develop a vision or a signature connected to your community because the community will be the ones who allegedly support you through your mission. >> the state costco- superintendent shed light on a new evaluation program. here's what is being proposed -- 50% of the principles evaluation will be based in part on things like planning, preparation and professional responsibility. the other 50% would be based on student growth with a 30% of the input coming from the state and remaining 20% from the local school system. >> all of us are accountable, but the principle is the instructional leader. i have never been to a great school that didn't have a great principle. >> it's a proposal getting early support from some maryla
cover whether in maryland. -- cover the weather in maryland. it is easy. just send your photos and video and we may be able to use them on the air. it just go to we are still trying to figure out if the severe weather had anything to do with the to alarm fire in harford county. it started just before 3:00 p.m. inside a town home in the jabr area. storms were moving -- in the job but area. the storms were moving through the area at the time, but we do not know if they are to blame. a serious accident in reisterstown. >> this is northbound route 140 just south of the carroll county line in baltimore county. a two-car collision, and also snapping a pg&e poll. we had three people that were transported, two two hopkins and one to shock trauma. if the problem is going to be .rafficke baltimore county police are trying to turn people around at this location. it is backed up down past franklinville road. >> over the second time in less than a month, emergency crews have pulled the body of a man from the baltimore area reservoir. they say the man was fishing with friends at the
a lawsuit in court. the maryland attorney general's office has declined to comment on the lawsuit. >> state police are investigating a deadly accident in westminster. it and 18-year-old of westminster was driving wind he it slowed down or stopped his car. it was hit by a truck, crossed the double yellow line and was hit by another vehicle. the driver was pronounced dead at the scene. the view from skyteam 11 shows quite a mess left behind by a dump truck accident. this was earlier this afternoon. at the dump truck collided with several parked cars on pennington avenue just before 4:00 p.m.. the driver had to be rescued from the truck. there is no word on what caused the dump truck to crash. >> a real blow to the ravens tonight. their quarterback will miss the entire season with a knee injury. >> that news comes on what is usually an exciting day. we are live with more. >> just an absolutely perfect day to start training camp, but the quarterback was not out there. we learned that shortly after practice, he had torn his a c l in his knee. this was a move that he had described that he had don
the numbers from this year's maryland school assessment. baltimore city administrators will be the first to tell you there is still plenty of room for improvement. >> there were some bright spots in the testing data statewide and in baltimore city. school officials seat -- say they are still seeing signs of progress. >> last year, when you ask me, i said, i am not satisfied. >> school officials say they still -- >> we are making huge gains. the six games -- six grade made a huge gain. more kids, earning better. that is a cause for celebration. >> over a three-year period, officials say the overall student test scores for reading went up as much as 45%. even higher for mathematics. the three-year gain was 71%. >> i want huge leaps every single year. when i looked at the number and saw that we did not jump as high as the previous two years, i was disappointed. >> that prompted a menace traders to send 120 employees inside classrooms to monitor this year's assessment. >> i feel very confident that this was a tremendous effort to and as i said at the time of the george washington announcemen
chartres' drive. >> the latest poll of likely maryland voters has the governor and his opponent in a tie. 40% of voters support the former governor and 47% favor the democratic governor. that is well within the 4.5% margin of error. a similar poll gave o'malley a six point lead. >> tonight, the doors of the rehabilitation center remain closed to patients as crews tried to fix the air- conditioning system. the state moved 150 people at the center last week and this is not the first reported trouble with the facility. our reporter is live outside the facility tonight with an update. >> the state hopes to move residents back within 12 to 14 days, but not until the office of air quality determines the air-conditioning is working properly. safety concerns forced the removal of residents at 5 01 west franklin street. with temperatures outside soaring past 100 degrees last week, and a broken air conditioning system, living inside the facility became unbearable. >> we never want to put any resident or citizen at risk, especially in these temperatures we have experienced over the summer so far. >
three suspects are held without bail. >> a maryland troopers is facing child pornography charges. barry simms is a life outside baltimore county police headquarters with more. >> when they ask to the state trooper if they knew why he searched his home and he said, "because of the computer." now he is charged with strobe pornography. the -- with a child pornography. the on-line searches triggered the investigation. in may, they went to his home. the front door still bears the marks where police force it open. no one responded when we try to contact bruce allen tucker. he is charged with possession and distribution of child for receiving a >> there is no indication at this time that he was involved in the taking of pictures or that he was actually depicted in any of the images with these children. >> police arrested tucker friday. on a laptop in his home, they found more than three house and images of children engage in sexual acts, tied up or partially nude. they range from two years of age up to 14 years old. >> he caught not -- he could not offer any real reason. he basically told the
is a reminder that we are in the thick of hurricane season. this is the university of maryland at college park just seeing how strong that hurricane winds can really be. >> to get some idea of what it would feel like to be in the middle of a hurricane, we went to the wind tunnel. for over 60 years, it has been used to conduct a wide variety of tests in the private sector. >> everything from model cars and airplanes, it is about air flow. >> they have an operations consul, but this is what generates the wind. a fan so big, it can create speeds of to a hundred and 30 miles an hour. >> it is powered by an electric motor. >> the air moves through the tunnel which runs the length of the building. >> it goes through the lanes and goes to the contraction. there accelerates, down the diffuser, and back around. >> the director helps me get harnessed. he says the straps are necessary. >> your natural reaction is that you will start scratching. >> they are starting off at about 30 miles an hour, but i have a feeling things will get rocking and rolling pretty soon. >> 40 miles an hour felt pretty good. at
started trending in the right direction. >> students at the university of maryland are scared. >> everyone is always looking for jobs. >> and the start of a strong recovery. the issue of extending unemployment benefits will not be settled until 10 more days until the senate gets back from a break. >> find out if your job is one of the safest car might get it now on while you are there, see how others are coping with losing their jobs. >> in light of the mishaps on local marc trains, congressman dutch ruppersberger introduced a commuter's bill of rights to protect those -- protect the safety of those riding the trains. >> the best way to describe this, think of it as the air travelers bill of rights. this bill calls for all public transit operators to come up with a comprehensive plan to make sure that what happened a couple of weeks ago never happens again. it has been nicknamed day -- the hell train. passengers were left stranded on the train for two hours without air-conditioning or water. this woman was one of those passengers. >> there were senior citizens, based. -- babies
-blake urged all marylanders to pay extremely close attention to those most hon. in your community. >> i am asking all citizens -- those most vulnerable in your community. >> i am asking all citizens to take the hot weather seriously. >> so far, 12 heat related deaths have been reported. 11 of them had serious underlying health conditions. 10 of the 12 were discovered in doors without air conditioning, and eight of the 12 were seniors. none were considered homeless. in light of these 12 tragedies, the state is making sure, as is the city, that 15 cooling centers will be available for those who need it, as well as energy assistance programs so that people can still use their air conditioners. medical examiners also remind us to pay attention for those with heat exhaustion as well. >> for more information on how to be the hot days ahead of us, there's more information at our website the mayor also honored a couple of paramedics for their heroics in possibly saving some lives at a real about-rehabilitation center. -- at a rehabilitation center. >> during extreme heat, your body nee
. >> she is well known in business circles and within the republican party here in maryland. political analysts call her a safe but solid choice. following enthusiastic chance, -- chants -- >> of the problems can only be fixed with new ideas and leadership. not name-calling or cynicism or fear. at that is not what moves us forward. >> she serves as the director of special projects at the u.s. chamber of commerce. she worked as a prosecutor in montgomery county and has been the maryland secretary of state. he describes his choice of running mate as the first person he trusts that shares his vision. >> she has been a member of my cabinet, a prosecutor, business advocate, she said -- she has great leadership skills. she is somebody i trust. >> some question whether her husband carries too much baggage. he had headed maryland's gop. he is being sued in court, failed to pay for wages. hebe says there are administrative errors. >> she has never held elected office, she lost a primary race in 2000. she lost a bid for a seat in the house of delegates in annapolis. >> it is a nod the montgomery
at 6, why whoever is responsible might find it difficult to sell these things in maryland. >> awarding tonight from b.g.e.. customers should brace themselves for some big power bills ahead. they say the extreme heat we had read -- we had during june and this month ricled to extremely h power usage. some may find usage doubled over the past two months. >> it was a great day on wall street today. stocks surged on strong earnings reports from at&t, caterpillar, microsoft, and other companies. the dow jones closed up 201 points, the s&p finished up 24 points on the day. all the news is not good. recent survey finds that 62% of americans believe the economy has yet to hit bottom. new government figures show the country's economy may be slowing once again. >> at a recent job fair for a south carolina bmw plant, hundreds of hopeful applicants waited in search of work. >> i think job options are still good. everyone is not going to qualify. >> key indicators show the nation's economy is recovering at a slower pace than expected. first-time jobless claims jumped last week to the highest since f
maryland teacher finally gets the attention he deserves. >> remember the 93-year-old calculus teacher? see how his dedication and commitment of honored today. >> you're giving them more. >> what would your reaction be? can you imagine eating parasites on purpose? why they can perform medical magic. >> and a little girl undergoes a groundbreaking surgery. hear from her parents. >> today, a baltimore teacher has been recognized after more than seven decades of teaching. he has been devoted to teaching math for the past 75 years. that makes 27,000 days teaching generations of students. the baltimore county executive recognized him for his dedication to students for three-quarters of a century. >> your the michael phelps of teaching in my judgment. the way you love children, im sure you don't take that as anything but a high compliment because that is the way it is meant. >> mr. miller currently teaches calculus at the high school. he believes deeply that a man who loves his job will never work today in his life. >> and tonight pose a medical alert, for the first time, they have transplanted a
the heart of central maryland. take a look at the entire mid- atlantic region. very warm, moist humid air mass is all around. again, this is the heavy rains and winds that we are most concerned with. as we move and you can see that the tornado warning was issued because of this right here, that purple. >> we are going to go back to capt. great taylor again, -- roy taylor right now. what are you saying -- seeing? >> if you look at the spray on a the beltway, a lot of water has been dumped here. traffic is growing at a crawl. the outer loop has had to slow down because of the spray. we are on the back side of this. we are pretty much following the storm as it goes along. right now, it is going anywhere from 35-38 miles per hour in a southeasterly direction. it is moving along rather quickly. everything behind us is all clear. the sun is out. we have a rainbow in front of us. i have never seen a rainbow this close to me, almost all the way around, the way we have this rainbow going right now. it is an amazing sight. traffic on 95 has been affected as well as people leave baltimore to head to
. >> this video is providing more insight into the failed times square car bombing. >> kids from all over maryland are working on in state parks this summer. that story coming up. >> for 300 kids, this is a summer where the can make money and experience the great outdoors. it is for kids that would not normally have access to the outdoors or summer job opportunities. >> it is called maryland city justice court. it benefits the state and lots of kids. it is a chance for kids to learn all kinds of skills. and earn some money. the state gets improvement to its parks. >> our engineers looked at that work the kids had completed. if they had hired contract. -- contractors it would have cost more. >> their workers oliver gunpowder state park. fixing up new buildings and doing real improvement. this is a great opportunity. >> i know how to do something that boys do. it is really fun. girls can do stuff. >> this program will help me in the future. i can get good money with this program. >> the assistant secretary says the program benefits everyone. >> the benefit to us is tremendous. they're doing restorat
with convictions. >> maryland has -- the highest paid official in the state should not be the least effective. >> bernstein was introduced today by defense a vote -- defense attorney warren brown. >> while they may seek prosecution and the surrounding desert -- jurisdictions, there is no fear of being prosecuted by the baltimore city state's attorney's office. quite frankly, they think it is a joke. >> jessamy responded to her challenge late this afternoon. >> the statistic that i'm going to refer to is the statistic that consistently says that crime is going down. >> crime has been declining since 1995 when she was first elected. greg bernstein said his goal is to work with police and not against them, an unspoken reference to the friction between jessamy's office and the police department. >> still ahead, the queen of england has returned to the united nations in new york city after 53 years. >> she was 31 years old when she first walked through the doors of the un in 1957. >> first reports show more americans are being screened for two of the leading cancer killers. millions of people are
. this is moving south, trying to push showers westbound into maryland on wednesday and certainly we have clouds, cooler temperatures, and a few showers. anywhere between 97 and 102 degrees. only a five not breeze and weighs around 1 foot. whatever is around 80 degrees. -- water temperature is around 80 degrees. down to 90 with a chance for a shower or thunderstorm on thursday. upper 80's with some much- needed rain showers may be friday and saturday. >> thank you, tom. in the to the financial and emotional toll that the gulf oil spill is having and residents along the gulf coast as they hit a new high for bp. >> after one week after a supreme court nomination hearings, we take a look at what is ahead for the president's second bid for the high court. >> is the first day of a very special football camp that is bringing a lot of nfl stars to town. i have details coming up. >> as oil continues to spew from the broken oilwell in the gulf of mexico, the cost for this bill has now passed the trillion dollar -- the $3 billion market. there is no end in sight. the latest figure does not include the $20
, but our next shot of a thunderstorm activity hold off until thursday. towards central maryland thursday afternoon and evening. tomorrow, not too bad. the humidity levels should stay fairly low. mostly sunny skies and a light southwest breeze at 5 to 10 miles per hour. the big water temperatures are ranging through the 80's. heading west of the mountains, the thunderstorm chances increase about 30%. highs around the 80 degree mark. 88 degrees, sunny skies, warm, but not that he made. 90 in mind, but right on the coast about 87 degrees. not too humid tomorrow. a slight chance for a thunderstorm late wednesday. a better chance for scattered thunderstorms thursday. -the upper 80's on friday and saturday. -- highs in the upper 80's on friday and saturday. >> crews returning to the gulf after last week's storm are worried about sealing the leak. >> and some reports say v.c.o. could be out by october, if not summesooner. >> today, massive online leaks of information about the afghan war. >> work is now back to speak in the gulf after the gulf has been leaking oil for more than three months now
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